Naiyah Red Male


Available Date: February 3, 2024

Color: Black Mask   Black Nose   Red Wheaten  

Parents: NaiyahHemi

Red Male was the peewee of the litter. He plays catch up fairly fast though. He is the reddest male and a fighter. He has been pushed back and fought to eat, get moms attention and grow. He is growing though and when he wants something, he is quite determined to get it like the milk line. He is and will grow and will be the determined caretaker as he has to fend alot for his own needs. His sire, Hemi, is a mighty man in his own right. He is big in stature and has that look of elegance and eludes majesty in his gait and conformation. He, as well as Naiyah have perfect ridges and crowns. Hemi weighs in at 107 and Naiyah at close to 90. They are a beautiful match and have produced a dynamite litter.

All BWK puppies have had their 6 week 6 way vaccination and will receive an 8-week 6 way vaccination before leaving their birth home.

They also receive every 2 week wormings and will have 4 wormings when they leave.

AKC registrations, contract, and medical records are provided. Health certifications are available upon request.


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