Rhodesian Ridgebacks

A medium-large dog originally bred in southern Africa used extensively to track large game during hunts. These loyal dogs are strong-willed and independent but also wonderfully affectionate with those they trust.


Whole-heartedly attached to their families, including children. These are ‘people’ dogs that want to be wherever you are.


Excellent service dogs. This smart, independent breed is an excellent judge of people and situations.


Loving and protecting their family is a defining trait of this breed. Their watchful eyes ensure their ‘pack’ is safe from danger.

We Are BWK

Tina and Larry Strmiska- owners of BWK Rhodesian Ridgebacks

We Are BWK

We are a small family farm blessed by the Lord, Jesus Christ, with beautiful and loving Rhodesian Ridgebacks and a great team of support. Raising and breeding Rhodesian Ridgebacks is a family affair all the way down to our 6 wonderful grandchildren who play and love on these precious puppies.

Larry and Tina have raised #1 top kennel NGA registered, racing greyhounds for 37 years with the top bloodlines, track records, stake and grade A racers in multiple states. Being raised with greyhounds from childhood we are extremely well versed in what it takes to breed, raise, train, and win with competitive athletic canines of all types.

At BWK, we love what we do. In 1996 we welcomed our first Rhodesian Ridgeback to our family and it has been an incredible experience. The love and loyalty from this breed, the incredible intuitive nature, and strong, capable athletic build quickly won our hearts.  Our desire is to make sure, the Rhodesian Ridgeback will succeed and remain the mighty, intelligent, and immense breed it was always meant to be.

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I enjoy life with my husband, son and twin daughters in College Station, TX. We take any opportunity to go to the mountains and sneak in mini mountain hikes whenever we can.

5 Sunflowers Photography

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