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Lionhounds Blow Outta Hemi of Bluewinds



Hemi is from the Great top 10 Lionhounds Kennel of Burleson, TX. He was selectively bred for extraordinary conformation, exquisite ridge and whirls, excellent temperament, and animated-flowing movement highly sought after in the great Rhodesian Ridgeback breed.

The colossal temperaments of Hemi’s offspring exhibit intelligence, kindness and gentleness, alertness, intuitiveness and perception. Hemi throws athleticism in his offspring displayed by a sleek, muscular 110+ pound physique and 28.75-inches tall frame. His puppies flaunt immense qualities shared by their sire.

Lionhounds Bluewinds of Texas



Texas is right at 2 years of age. He is the perfect gentleman and quite the ladies man. He is a tall, streamlined, muscled up, well-made, young Rhodesian Ridgeback we are blessed to have on our farm.

He weighs close to 90 pounds. Texas has had his second litter. It is a great crossing of great bloodlines. Texas is Hemi’s half-brother. They share the same sire, Ch Lionhounds Pride of Baltazar, Zuri, and separate dams, Lionhounds Kiki Neema.

BWK Annika Khan



Annika (Ahn i kah), is a large, tall loving female. She was born and raised on our farm. She is a very deep Red Wheaten with excellent confirmation and a gorgeous ridge like her dam, Bella.

She is  102 pounds and 27 inches tall. She has a very deep broad chest with perfect angles in her hocks with streamline beauty to her tight-standup paws. This girl is beautiful with a wonderfully socialized disposition and kind ways. She whelped in September 2023 and her pups are ready the end of October.

Baby de Fence



Baby is out of some of the nicest bloodlines you can find. She has Champion, Grand Champion, International Champion and Grand Champion bloodlines on her Sires side as well as Champions back in her dams side and the great Lionheart Scarlet Sky, half sister to Lionhounds Sir General Duncan, Baltazar.

Baby is going on 3 years old. She has her sires beautiful deep Red Wheaten coat and partial black mask. Baby has both her parent’s perfect ridges and nice beautiful crowns and whirls.

Bluewinds Avaleesa de Naiyah Know



Naiyah is a little over 2 years of age and an exquisite beauty, both inside and out. She is the weekend warrior, going out of town at times with family as her personality is kid and animal friendly. She brings love and kindness everywhere she goes with her gentle and comical ways.

Her deep black mask and red wheaten color distinguishes her from the others. She is 27+ inches and 85-90 pounds, tall, athletic and beautiful. Naiyah’s ridge is long with a perfect crown and whirls. She has a good balanced conformation and personality to match. Hemi/Naiyah is due around the end of November to the first week in December of 2023. This is Naiyah’s first litter.

Lionhounds Top Gun of Bluewinds



Lionhounds Top Gun of Bluewinds, ‘Maverick’, is a 2 year old, 123 pound Hungarian bred sire. He is out of CH Lionhounds Pride of Baltazar, ‘Zuri’, (Lionhounds Kennels top sire), and CH Lionhounds Mega Million. Maverick has a solid 5 generation Pedigree.

Maverick’s large profile with his massive, boxy head, and awesome confirmation and ridge, and his loving temperament are sure to be passed onto his prodigy.

BWK High Calibers Reflection



BWK High Calibers Reflection, ‘Lora’, is such an amazing Sweetheart! She weighs in at a whopping 116 pounds, so Lora is one Special and Large female.

Lora has a beautiful ridge and tall conformation. She is well-proportioned even as a larger Ridgebacks’ female and is extremely intelligent.

Braveheart’s Harley



With Harley’s Red Wheaten coat, tawny eyes, and Spectacular conformation and ridge, she is a unique asset to perfecting the Ridgebacks’s breed. Harley has a VERY giving and patient attitude. All 77 pounds of her is pure devotion. She shows great athleticism, endurance, ability, confidence and intelligence. She is mainly South African bred with the likes of Halalis Nicholas of Pawpatch, Excaliber, Chera and Braveheart bloodlines. She is out of Pawpatch Quicks Colossal Moby and Pawpatch Quicks My Sharona.

Bravehearts Rio Bravo



Rio comes from a wonderful Braveheart line of INT’L and GR CH bloodlines and producers. In Rio’s line amazing Rhodesian Ridgeback lineage you will find greats such as Int’l CH Bravehearts Chisum, Pronkberg, Quicks, Halali, and Excaliber.

Rio’s dam, Bravehearts Pistol Annie, Pistol’s sire is the infamous GR CH Braveheart the Riffleman, a producer of outstanding Ridgebacks.

Bluewinds Pistols Memory



Bluewinds Pistols Memory, ‘Memory’, is a Big, beautiful female like her dam, Pistol. Memory has a gorgeous, long ridge, deep red wheaten coat, and weighs 113 pounds with an awesome conformation. Memory’s sire is our very own Hemi. She has an award winning disposition, great intelligence, and phenomenal athleticism.

BWK Jakes Penny High



Penny came to us from a Braveheart breeding of Bravehearts Big Jake (from Hemi and Bella) and Bravehearts High Velocity, ‘Lolly’. This 80 pound keg of dynamite is so well bred, she emits Rhodesian Ridgeback prestige. She exhibits a deep Red Wheaten coat, black nose, and partial black mask.

Lionhound Rifleman Bluewinds Millie



Millie was the darkest and kindest in the litter. She is a duplication of her dam, Sydney, in many ways, mainly…. love. Millie is always with her kiddos or the baby calves that need cleaning up as their Holstein mamas are in the pasture and the babies need mothering. She is always kindhearted and attentive and always presses to be her amazing, dedicated self.

Bravehearts Katie Elder




Kate is Sydney’s half sister. They share the same sire and different dams. Their identical feature is their beautiful dark Red Wheaten coats and the astounding black masks they share from ‘the Croc’.

Kate is a 26-inch 90 pound female. She is solid and quite athletic. Kate is very loving and compatible unless crossed by the other Rhodies. She has what it takes to be the leader and would be considered to be a hierarchical female. She is beautiful and knows it.

Kate has retired. Please watch for continued prodigy through Bluewinds Avaleesa de Naiyah Know, Luna, and BWK Sylan Arys.

Bravehearts Pistol Annie




Pistol is from the Top bloodlines from the exemplary Braveheart Kennels of Runge, TX that has bred, raised, shown, and loved Rhodesian Ridgebacks for 35 years.

Pistol is a Red Wheaten 90+ pound, 27inch precious, LOVING Rhodesian Ridgeback female. She is retiring this year from being a high achieving brood matron of 5 litters, (her last being 4 males & 5 females).

Pistol is now retired but her legacy will live on here at BWK Bluewinds Rhodesian Ridgeback Farms through Bluewinds Pistols Memory, (Hemi/Pistols last litter).

Bella Z Star




Ma Bella, our calm, laid back, observant, deeply loving lady has brought many families great joy and love through her puppies who share her exact character.

Most families relish in the high intelligence and gentle nature of our Bella’s babies. Bella’s ridge, with its glorious large fan and beautiful whorls show great breeding for quality and show. She also throws nice standup feet with deep pads and tight toes. (According to AKC on the scale of Points, the Ridge scores for the highest points in confirmation with 20 points). Bella’s ridge and fan are a hallmark.

Bella has now retired. Please watch for her continued prodigy through our females from she and Hemi through Baby de Fence and BWK Annika Khan, and her son, BWK Julius Caesar. Also through Braveheart Farms, Braveheart Big Jake.

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