Lionhounds Maverick 'Maverick'- Rhodesian Ridgeback Lionhounds Maverick 'Maverick'- Rhodesian Ridgeback

Lionhounds ‘Maverick’

Lionhounds ‘Maverick’

Lionhounds Top Gun of Bluewinds, ‘Maverick’, is a 2 year old, 123 pound Hungarian bred sire.

Maverick is out of CH Lionhounds Pride of Baltazar, ‘Zuri’, (Lionhounds Kennels top sire), and CH Lionhounds Mega Million. Mega Million is one of Lionhounds top females out of a CH Hungarian, Imp, Lionhounds Alamari Argo Vomgos Glodenen Sandruken and GR CH Lionhounds Love Me Long Time, ‘China’.

China has produced numerous amazing pups like our own ‘Hemi’, (an amazing producer of big, beautiful, deep Red Wheaten puppies with gorgeous ridges and wonderful conformations and personalities). (Please see Hemi’s blog).

Maverick has CH-World CH title holders throughout many countries including:

  • Hungary
  • Germany
  • Africa
  • Australia
  • USA
  • Russia

These are solid in his 5 generation Pedigree. Maverick is a wonderful cross for many bloodlines because of his Import heritage. We are looking forward to his prodigy. They should carry his large profile with his massive, boxy head, awesome conformation and ridge, and his loving temperament. Maverick is the epitome of the wonderful and originally bred Ridgeback.

Lionhounds Maverick

Pedigree & Testing

Maverick- DNA

Maverick is Emark Premium dNA tested and is cleared on 215+ traits including the 5 traits known to negatively affect the Rhodesian Ridgebacks’s breed. We are awaiting to do his OFA testing on Hips and Elbows. It will be done in May as he is so large, we are giving him the time to achieve his adult size.

We are looking very forward to his puppies and are excited about his future sire career here at BWK Ridgebacks.

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