Bravehearts Harley 'Harley'- Rhodesian Ridgeback Bravehearts Harley 'Harley'- Rhodesian Ridgeback

Braveheart’s Harley, ‘Harley’

Braveheart’s Harley, ‘Harley’

Braveheart’s Harley, ‘Harley’ is our bravest, most confident and ‘stand by your man’ lady. She is my personal companion and follows me, regardless of what I am doing or where I am driving, no matter how long it may take or how hot or cold it may be. She is one of a kind.

Harley has a VERY giving and patient attitude. All 77 pounds of her is pure devotion. She shows great athleticism, endurance, ability, confidence and intelligence. She is mainly South African bred with the likes of Halalis Nicholas of Pawpatch, Excaliber, Chera and Braveheart bloodlines. She is out of Pawpatch Quicks Colossal Moby and Pawpatch Quicks My Sharona.

With Harley’s Red Wheaten coat, tawny eyes, and Spectacular conformation and ridge, she is a unique asset to perfecting the Ridgebacks’s breed. She has produced 2 litters of gorgeous pups for us and each perfect pup has grown to over 85 pounds thus far. (Her size dictates perfection and her pedigree dictates solid ability).

Pedigree & Testing

Harley is cleared of any of the 5 negative traits that can be found in the Ridgebacks’s breed as well as over 200 other traits tested by Embark Premium dNA testing. Harley also Proudly sports OFA’s top rating of Excellent hips and Normal elbows.

This kind hearted loving and intelligent female is such a blessing to us. We look forward to a couple more beautiful, healthy litters from her to help improve the Rhodesian Ridgebacks’s breed.

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