Bravehearts Rio Bravo 'Rio'- Rhodesian Ridgeback Bravehearts Rio Bravo 'Rio'- Rhodesian Ridgeback

Bravehearts Rio Bravo, ‘Rio’

Bravehearts Rio Bravo, ‘Rio’

Bravehearts Rio Bravo, ‘Rio’, is our mouse. She is soo innocent and puppy-like until we let her out to run. That munchkin… she kisses us, takes off and comes home in her Own time! No matter how we beg or bribe her, she loves her free run, and sports of swimming, hunting, and Ridgeback freedoms. That ‘mouse’ has turned into an 88 pound wayfarer of pure, delighted joy.

Rio comes from a wonderful Braveheart line of INT’L and GR Ch bloodlines and producers. (Braveheart Farms are known for their excellent Ridgebacks). They knew how to breed to succeed. In Rio’s line, she has such amazing Rhodesian Ridgebacks as Int’l CH Bravehearts Chisum. She also has Pronkberg, Quicks, Halali and Excaliber bloodlines, (mostly South African lines).

Rio’s dam, Braveheart Pistol Annie, ‘Pistol’s, sire is the infamous GR CH Braveheart the Riffleman, a producer of outstanding Ridgebacks. (Please see Pistol’s blog on our website).

Lionhearts The Rifleman- Rhodesian Ridgeback

Pistol’s great Grandsire, GR CH Lionhounds Red Rudolph, was #4 in the Nation as well as an extreme producer of great Ridgebacks. These specific bloodlines are what makes Rio-the mouse a LION!!! Rio’s whole pedigree is lined with unmatchable bloodlines and winning Ridgebacks.

GR CH Lionhounds Red Rudolph Rhodesian Ridgeback
GR CH Red Rudolph

Pedigree & Testing

Rio has been Premium Embark dNA tested. Her 200+ tested traits are totally clear as well as the 5 main traits detrimental to the Ridgeback breed. Rio is also OFA tested. Her Knees are Normal and her Hips are Good.

This mouse surely is a Ridgeback lion and we love her.

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