Katie Elder- Rhodesian Ridgeback femaile Katie Elder- Rhodesian Ridgeback femaile

Katie Elder’s Heritage

Katie Elder’s Heritage

Bravehearts Katie Elder, Kate, is another outstanding female from Braveheart Farms, that we, at BWK Ridgebacks, have had the distinct pleasure of enjoying on our own farm. Kate has such a beautiful, deep black mask and Red Wheaten coat as well as a magnificent ridge and whorls. She is a 26-inch 90 pound female. She is solid and quite athletic. Kate is very loving and compatible unless crossed by the other Rhodies. She has what it takes to be the leader and would be considered a hierarchical female. She is beautiful… and she knows it.

Katie Elder- Rhodesian Ridgeback femaile
Bravehearts Katie Elder

She hails from the Intl Champion Bravehearts Chisum (pictured) and Bravehearts Amora, a very high performing and producing female.

Kate and the lovely Jenna are half-sisters through Bravehearts Chisum.

So if you are following along, then you will know that Kate is our Sydney’s half-Aunt!

Kate’s line goes to the Halali Nickolas of Pawpatch through a couple of great crosses. She also descends from the bloodline of Quicks Drago of Pawpatch. These wonderful dogs hail from Pawpatch Rhodesian Ridegbacks. They import South African stock as well as some American bloodlines.

Nelson's Croc D- Rhodesian Ridgeback

Kate’s grandsire on her mother’s side is Nelson’s Croc D. He was a giant of stature and bloodlines.

As mentioned in another post, Croc was a large, gorgeous black-masked male. He caught our attention and quickly led us to Bravehearts Kennels.

Photos courtesy of Bravehearts Ridgeback Farm.

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