Baby de Fence

Baby de Fence

Baby de Fence is from our first litter out of Lionhounds Blow Outta Hemi of Bluewinds, Hemi and Bella Z Star, Bella. Baby is out of some of the nicest bloodlines you can find. She has Champion, Grand Champion, International Champion, and Grand Champion bloodlines on her Sires side as well as Champions back in her dams side and the great Lionheart Scarlet Sky, half sister to Lionhounds Sir General Duncan, Baltazar.

Baby is going on 3 years old. She has her sires beautiful deep Red Wheaten coat and partial black mask. Baby has both her parent’s perfect ridges and nice beautiful crowns and whirls. She is very loving, kind and athletic, but is one of our hierarchical females. She will stand her ground in the pack if the situation arises or her dam is challenged. She has the stature to lead and knows it.

Baby is about 27 inches and 95 pounds. (A nice big well-made female). She is her dam’s shadow at all times. It is a major question of what will happen when Bella is removed from Baby’s whelping pen so Baby can have her puppies. She will adapt though and be an excellent mother for she is brave and willing always.

Baby is having her first litter from Lionhounds Bluewinds of Texas, Texas (see his post here). These two were thoughtfully crossed as the line will bring major bloodlines upfront, but is far enough out to be outcross line-bred. Their puppies should be great producing offspring with the needed conformation, temperament and skill for show, family-companionship and protection or service dogs.

Baby has been tested through Embark genetic testing. Baby is certified cleared.


Baby is soon to be OFA tested as she had pups when we were testing the first round of Ridgebacks. She is Embark dNA Tested and is cleared on all 222 Genetic tests including 5 main ones pertaining to the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

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