Bluewinds Avaleesa de Naiyah Know Bluewinds Avaleesa de Naiyah Know

Bluewinds Avalessa de Naiyah

Bluewinds Avalessa de Naiyah

Bluewinds Avaleesa de Naiyah Know is from the awesome Braveheart Kennels (Farms). Her sire is Braveheart’s Bulletproof. (Bullet goes back to the Pawpatch lineage of Quicks Drago of Pawpatch). Her dam is Braveheart’s Katie Elder, Kate. You can read her post here.

Bluewinds Avaleesa de Naiyah Know

Clown of the Pack

Naiyah is a little over 2 years of age and an exquisite beauty, both inside and out. She is the weekend warrior, going out of town at times with family as her personality is kid and animal friendly. She brings love and kindness everywhere she goes with her gentle and comical ways. She is the life of the pack party, running marathons around the pasture to get everyone going so she can lay on the tank dam and laugh at their lack of speed compared to hers. She is an instigator of play and very witty about it. We call her the clown of the pack.

Perfect Crown & Whirl

Her deep black mask and red wheaten color distinguishes her from the others. She is 27+ inches and 85-90 pounds, tall, athletic and beautiful. Naiyah’s ridge is long with a perfect crown and whirls. She has a good balanced conformation and personality to match.

Naiyah's perfect crown and whirl

Hemi and Naiyah are due to have their litter around the end of November 2023. We are anxiously awaiting some black masked, loving, intelligent, well-gaited babies. ( Hemi has perfect movement and gait)


Naiyah has been both OFA and Embark tested. Naiyah’s OFA results are: Hips are Good and her Knees are Normal. Naiyah’s Embark Test results came back all Clear on 223 test including 5 variants specific to the Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

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